The 10 Best Super Easy Ways To Keep Your Clothes Lasting Longer

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Whether you're a fashion enthusiast, workout fanatic, or a frequent flier one of the first question when deciding on buying clothes is How Long Can This Last? Having clothes that last long should be the first concern when building your wardrobe because the last thing you want to do is waste your money on clothes that you can only wear a few times! Not only does this save us time and money, it cuts our consumption and helps to reduce our need of wastes.

There are so many things we can do to keep our cherished pieces looking fresh and new every time you wear it. Get in to these good habits with our ultimate guide to making your clothes last longer.


1. Buy Quality Pieces

 Would you rather spend $70 on one hoodie to last you multiple seasons or four new $40 hoodies each season? As well as being better for the planet, your pockets, and people overall higher quality pieces will often last longer due to superior fabrics and construction

withstand the abuses of traveling, intense workouts, and extreme cold weathers. Plus, as with all of the brand’s pieces, the sweatshirt comes in a range of modern, neutral colors for maximum style versatility at a amazing affordable price. 

2. Read Care Instructions

Most garments, whether you're looking online or in-store have care instructions that guide you on the correct way to care for a products the best way possible. These are a set of instructions to follow when it's time to clean your clothing. However if there's not a label or tag to go along with your clothing then you should try the following below. 

3. Reduce Detergent and Capacity

Other than being harmful for the environment, a large amount of detergent can actually make your clothes more worn and ratty. Instead, lower the amount of clothes you wash at one time and use the prescribed amount of detergent and fabric softener with each wash which acts as a reliant detergent booster to keep your clothes feeling soft and smelling fresh. 

4. Wash Clothing Inside Out

To avoid all your favorite garments from fading and beat, wash them inside out to preserve their color. The same goes for t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, and sweatshirts – turning them inside out will prevent the print or design from cracking and/or fading away. 

5. Dry on Low or Air Dry

When it's time to dry your clothes the last thing you want to do it dry on high heat. By doing this you are more likely to shrink your clothing. In order to prevent this drying on low heat or air drying clothing such as cotton will help your clothes last up to 10x longer than drying your clothes because you will get a chance to get more wears out of it! 

6. Dry Clean Often

This tip is particularly relevant for men who wear cashmere sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatsuits, and premium tees to dry-clean their pieces more than necessary. Other than the huge expense of dry-cleaning, the process is always efficient if you have minor stains or just want to preserve the quality as long as possible within the fabric. This allows the steam to refresh your outfit while also preparing you to be more selective and delicate with your clothing. 

7. Fold Clothes Rather Than Use Hangers

Most likely some of you do this already. But why does folding clothes make them last longer? Hanging clothes will cause them to stretch, distress and lose their shape, making them lose that original nice fit you love. One of the key reasons we throw away clothes is because they no longer fit or it looks ratty and worn so maintaining it's shape will allow you to wear for longer periods overtime.  

8. Turn Down Your Iron

If you’re like me and avoid ironing at all costs, you might actually be doing your clothes a massive favor. Ironing can be a quick way to ruin clothes if you don’t know what temperature that material should be ironed at. Keep it simple. Read the advice on the label and turn down the iron a few notches below what it advises. Better to be safe than sorry. 

9. Wash Your Washer

Now I know what you are thinking, why would anyone wash their washing machine? Well they actually build up a layer of soap scum and other chemicals that is just as likely to release residue on your clothes as you clean them. This is fairly east to resolve, just buy a wash additive or better yet, for a natural solution add lemon juice or vinegar to your drum and spin on the hottest cycle alone.

10. Don't Dry and/or Ignore Stains

For any resistant stains you are trying to remove, i recommend to not tumble dry unless it has completely gone. All you will be doing is heat setting the stain and making it impossible to get rid of. If the stain still exists after the wash, set it aside and spend more time on it later. I typically take all clothes with stains to the dry cleaners and let them do the work. Sometimes this save me more money than I'm spending on buying a new item. 

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